Weekly update - #4

This week's game update (#4) shows the most improvements and a few bug fixes we've ever made so far. Read the blog post to find out what has changed.

Dear players,

Last week has been, let's say, quite a busy week for us. We've made many improvements, bug fixes and more to the game. This has resulted in a massive list of changes to read. 

The end of Season #1 is near (03-10-2020), so we will be doing a new 50% extra Blood Coins promo soon! Stay alert to not miss it.


Now on to the changes we've made to the game this week.

Improvements & new features
- Avatars: As per many requests, players can now choose their own avatar that will be displayed throughout the game;
- Amount of players logged in each consecutive day is shown now right next to online gangsters;
- Forum now displays the number of posts players have under their name;
- Added blood coins log to blood coins store;
- Updated blood coins store to a new fitting design;
- Fixed forum UBB code;
- New users are now able to remove their free protection received for registering
- Updated the forum post' confirmation page design;
- Updated bank, Swiss bank and vault confirmation/error pages design;
- Updated store's order confirmation page design;
- Updated steal vehicles, garage, race and crew crimes error/confirmation pages design;
- Bounty page design and error/confirmation pages have been updated;
- Forum topics are now ordered by last reply date;
- Drug facility page is now mobile-friendly;
- Travel page is now mobile-friendly;
- Messages page is now mobile-friendly;
- Crew overview is now mobile-friendly;
- Smuggling drugs success message now correctly shows what you’ve smuggled and to what city.
- Promotion banner now shows a countdown until the promotion is over;
- Fixed the styling of the bounty modal on profile page;
- Added forum caption to the mobile menu;

Game changes
- Route 66: Higher rewards for first 2 crimes to make the crimes worth it;
- The money you pay when healing in the hospital will now be taken from your cash money;
- Forum caption has now been moved to profile management

Bug fixes
- Fixed a typo in crew management and crew profile conssigliere to consigliere;
- Removing protection in the store now fully removes your protection;
- No longer possible to remove protection whilst not having any protection;
- Redlight district now correctly displays the money you've earned on your bank log;
- Smuggling drugs now fully works. The city you're located in won't show up.;
- Lottery winners now correctly link to the right page of the player. Hovering over the winners now also displays an infobox;
- Crew profile now displays the correct amount of players in the crew;
- Buying crew power from the crew shop now correctly calculates the power received over the total amount of players in the crew, excluding players that are signed up for the waiting list of the crew;
- Highscore online players now correctly displays the crew you're in.


As seen, a huge list of changes and fixes. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop of everything new. If you haven't already, please follow Mafialeader on Instagram and like the page on Facebook to stay up-to-date!

We will as always keep working hard to improve the game.

Best regards,

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