Weekly update - #3

Dear players,

A new week means a new update of all changes we've made this week. Slowly but steady we're creeping towards a total of 1000 players, including many new active players. Thank you so much for that!

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Now on to the changes we've made to the game this week.

Improvements & new features
- Bailing yourself out of jail now won't give you a message in your mailbox;
- Repair costs of car now gets displayed next to 'Repair' link;
- Removed some unused missions on the 'Missions' page

Game changes
- Tweaked base percentage of crimes, to make it more enjoyable for new players;
- Store: money & power values balanced according to gameplay

Bug fixes
- 10% interest now correctly shows on the bank log with the correct amount of money that has been added to your bank account;
- Donating to your crew now displays correctly on your bank log;
- The last reply now correctly displays the last player that has replied to the forum topic;
- Roulette now successfully hands out the right winnings;
- Wheel of fortunes winning 10.000 power gave 1.000 power. This has been solved and correctly gives the amount you should get;
- Edit crew members - Now won't display random players on your waiting list to join your crew;
- Highscore page -> link to members crew now re-directs users to the right crew page instead of a blank page;
- Placing an URL on your crew profile page now shows a working link again

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We will keep working hard to improve the game with new content.

Best regards,