Weekly update - #2

This week's game update (#2) shows a lot of improvements and a few bug fixes. Read the blog post to find out what has changed.

Dear players,

Last week was an overwhelming week. Not only did we hit our first big target of 500 registered players, we even saw an increase of 40% new players, giving us a total of over 700 registered players with a bunch of new active players. Our marketing work is paying off, given that so far most of it has only been just a small test.

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Last week we have been working on fixing reported bugs and other issues. Besides, we've made small changes and new additions to improve the game's experience. Down below is a list of what has been changed.

Improvements & new features
- Missions page is now mobile-friendly with sideways scroll/swipe;
- Implemented lazy loading on pages with many bigger images, reducing initial total page size as the content only gets loaded when it's in the user's viewport. Especially noticeable for mobile users with small & slower data plans, sometimes cutting down page size by 40%;
- Players now won't have to fill in the username of the player they want to hand out respect to;
- Creating a new account now sends players straight to 'Create an account' immediately, to result in more players registering and not staying stuck in guest mode;
- The crew now correctly displays when a player is in a crew or still waiting to join a crew;
- 'Houses' is now called 'Companies', including the right illustrations and new names

Game changes
- Increased store's money and power values for an updated balance, giving new players a fair chance to compete;
- Members now get €5000 hourly on both bank account and cash, instead of €1000 and €2000. This will generate much more daily income

Bug fixes
- Interest now works on the Swiss bank account;
- Companies overview now is fully working 100% again;
- Players are now able to successfully revive themselves;
- Swiss Bank is working correctly again;
- Players will now receive vehicles when successfully committing the first Route 66 activity;
- Companies overview is fully working again

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Best regards,