Weekly update - #1

This week's game update (#1) has brought several changes. Read the post to find out what has changed.

Dear players,

It has now been 2 weeks since the launch of our first season. We're grateful for the support we've already received, as well as the tips and feedback the community has given us. Since we're dedicated to giving you the best experience possible, we have been working hard on fixing reported bugs and other issues. Besides, we've made small changes and new additions to improve the game's experience.

Down below is a list of what has been changed so far:

Bug fixes
- Performing crimes while low on health can now result in a death
- Players can now only attack another player each 15 seconds
- Fixed all car details & images
- Route 66 has been fixed and should be working correctly again

Game changes
- Updated design when a player is dead
- Members now get €5000 hourly on both bank account and cash, instead of €1000 and €2000. This will generate more daily money
- Store prices of protection have been reduced for a better balance of the core mechanics
- New users now get free 25 Blood Coins when they sign up, instead of the previous 10

Improvements & new features
- Store confirmation page has a new fresh look
- Quick action bar when scrolled down and scroll to top
- Added revive-kits, costing 5 Blood coins in the store. Can be used as a cheap way to revive yourself. If you don't have a revive kit, bringing yourself back to life will cost you the default 28 Blood Coins. New players are given one revive kit for free.
- Updated design when a player is dead
- Messages UI visibility has been improved slightly, redesign coming later

Website & server
- All bigger files are now served via our global CDN, taking away server load and lowering the total file size of the website
- Header security improved

First marketing steps have been taken, resulting in a growth of over 300 new members. Besides, we have been working on official game artwork that has been used on social media. Take a glimpse here.

We will keep working hard to improve the game with new content. We have big plans for Mafialeader and can't wait to show everything to you.

Best regards,