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Season 1 is officially live!

Seasons 1 of Mafialeader is now live. Join the underground scene and win the season!

Dear players,

Welcome to the first official season of Mafialeader, season 1!

We have worked hard to make the core of our game playable for everyone. All current existing features are working and implemented as they should. Last weeks mainly consisted of finishing scripts and dotting a few I’s. As noticed, some pages have seen a design update including new icons and background illustrations. We’re going to be focusing more on the design overhauls in the upcoming weeks since Mafialeader needs to have its own identity visible throughout the game’s UI.

During this 75-days lasting season, ending on October 3rd 12:00 PM, we will be adding some minor new features and additions, but game-changing elements will not be added or removed until the season has ended. This in order to maintain the right balance and a good experience of the overall gameplay.

As to the prizes the players can win, we will have a prize pool of up to €100. This initially will depend on the number of active players. The initial prize pool will start at €50, even with just 1 player. Once there are a few active players, we will be switching over to the latter - as fair as it should be. A trade-in to blood money coins - with bonus - is aways possible.

We cannot wait to hear more from you and wish you all best of luck this season!